Active Chapter Membership Guard

Active Chapter Membership Guard

With the Active Chapter Membership Guard widget, you can create a page that can only be viewed by MPI members in your chapter who are currently logged in to their MPI account.

This is not a general "MPI Members only" restriction - it is chapter-specific

To use the widget, simply drag it onto a page and publish.

Note: The widget is NOT active when previewing a page from within the editor.  This is not a bug, glitch or error.  You will see the widget text on the page along with the other content, but that text will not be present when the page is published.

When this widget is present on a page, it first checks to see if the website viewer is logged in. If they are, it then checks to see if they are an MPI member AND a member of your chapter.

If a member is already logged into their MPI account while viewing their own chapter's website and clicks on a protected page, they will be allowed to proceed directly to the page as if it is not protected at all.  In other words, there is not a secondary log-in procedure or anything an already logged-in chapter member will have to click through to access protected content.

If the member is not logged in, they will see the Active Membership Guard widget in action, and will be given the opportunity to log in.    They will be able to see the page after they are logged in.

If the person viewing attempting to view the page is an MPI member but not a member of your chapter, or they are not an MPI member at all, they will not be able to view the page under any circumstances, and will have the option to go back to the previous page, or join MPI.

To use this widget, simply drag it onto the page you would like to be protected/restricted.

The Active Chapter Membership Guard is located under the MPI Chapter Widgets section:

Depending on your screen/window size, part of the widget name may be cut off.

The widget can be placed anywhere on the page, but it is best to place it as high on the page as possible within the main content area.  

The widget does not affect spacing of other elements on the page, and is completely invisible on the front-end of the website.

This is what the widget looks like on a page, within the editor:

There is no editing or configuration needed for this widget.  Just drag it onto the page, publish, and you are done. 


Since this widget checks for active MPI membership, if you are an MPI chapter website administrator but not a member of MPI, this widget will be active if you view the page on the front-end, and you will NOT be able to see the page. There is no way around this. The widget leverages the MPI membership database and we are not able to create special provisions to allow bypassing of this widget for certain non-members.

Even though you will not be able to see the page when you view the website on the front-end, you will  still be able to see the page using the page editor, and you are also able to preview it.

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