Adding Event to European Calendar

Adding Event to European Calendar


The MPI Europe events calendar is located at and will also accessible from the Events menu of all European chapter websites after the official launch.

To add an event to this page, the event must be published as an English translation, and must also contain the category "Events > MPI Europe"

If there is already an English version of the event, you can simply add the category Events > MPI Europe to the event and it will display on this page.

Adding an Existing Non-English Event to the European Calendar

If you already have an event created that you would like to be displayed on the Europe Calendar but it is not in English, you only need to create an English translation of the event, and add the category of "Events > MPI Europe." 

Create an English Version

To create a translation of the event in English, here are the steps to take:

1. Navigate to the Events section in your chapter website's dashboard by clicking the Content menu, then Events

2. Click the "EN" icon for the event under the Translations column:

The system will automatically fill in all of the event information, except for the title and event description.
This will allow you to add the information in English.  
You will see the existing information in your language on the right side for reference.

3. Fill in the Title and Description in English.

4. Add the category, Events > MPI Europe to the event.  

      To do this, in the Categories section, click the "Change" button


      Next, expand the Events category by clicking on the triangle next to the name


      Find "MPI Europe" and click the box next to the name


      Last, click the "Done" button

      Now you will see that the event has the category "Events > MPI Europe"


5. Scroll to the bottom and click Publish to publish the event

Now you will see the "EN" circle in dark blue, indicating that there is an English translation of the event:

This event will appear in the MPI Europe calendar.

Since the event is in English, the English version of the event will not display along with the events in your main language on the chapter event page.

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