Advertising Guidelines & Resources

Advertising Guidelines & Resources

Chapters will have two distinct advertising revenue opportunities with their website.

1. Chapter Managed Assets – Chapters will be able to sell and manage locally advertisement assets and retain 100% of the income generated.

2. Global Managed Assets – The MPI Global sales team will sell to our partners in regional bundles, not at a specific chapter level. All sales and fulfillment will be managed by MPI Global and chapters will have no responsibility for these assets. Chapters will receive a revenue share of 30% of the total advertising revenue collected by Global. The 30/70% revenue share ratio is consistent with market practices when utilizing outsourced third party sales partnerships.

Global Managed Assets Overview

MPI Global will be selling pre-determined advertising positions on Chapter websites through a regional distribution process. The chapters have been divided into 5 regions, Eastern US, Central US, Western US, Canada and International. A breakdown of each region is available on the Chapter Advertising Rate Card located on the Chapter Leaders resource page. MPI has done extensive research on the placement of advertising within the Global and chapter website pages to ensure optimal value for advertisers while considering the user experience.

Chapters will benefit from these sales through our chapter revenue share program. Each region will receive a 30% revenue share of the total advertising revenue collected by Global. This revenue share is divided among the chapters within the region based on chapter membership size.

For example: MPI Global sells an ad placement for the Eastern Region for $25,000.00. 30% of this would be $7,500.00 to be shared with the chapters in the Eastern region. To determine how much each chapter receives we will take the total region membership divided by the $7,500.00 (30%) to determine the per member share rate. So if the total membership for this region is 3500 members, the per member rate would be $2.14. Chapters will receive $2.14 x their membership number for that ad.

Advertising positions for regional sales are the same as found on the MPI global website. The MPI Global sales team will sell bundled packages for global + regional distribution. Reference the Chapter Advertising Rate Cards found on the Chapter Leaders Resource page for more information. Global managed asset pricing is subject to change at any time and MPI will notify chapters of any changes.

Global Managed Assets Payments

Advertising revenues will be paid quarterly, 30 days following the end of the quarter. Example, Q1 (Jan-Mar) will be calculated in April and paid by ACH or check by the end of April.

NOTE: The Global Managed Assets Revenue share program will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary. Chapters will be notified in the event any updates or changes have been implemented. 

Chapter Managed Assets Overview

Each chapter will be provided with a local advertising widget on their site. The widget can be utilized for service paid, in-kind web advertising or sponsorships as needed and determined at the local chapter level. Chapters are responsible for their ad space as it relates to selling, placement, fulfillment, invoicing, etc.

The widget will provide:

      • Two advertising sizes: an inline banner (728x90) and a Sidekick banner (300x250).
      • Unlimited rotations to allow chapters to service multiple ad units throughout the chapter pages.

Training for uploading advertising to the sponsorship widget will be provided when you are in the process of migrating your chapter site.
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