URL Already Exists Error

URL Already Exists Error

If you create a content item with the same title as another existing content item, it's likely the existing content item also has the same URL as the one you're attempting to create, and you will see this message:

An item with the URL '[URL HERE]' already exists.

Each item in the CMS has a unique URL - the web address where the item is located. 

Two or more websites cannot share the same URL, and the same goes for content items in the Sitefinity CMS.

If you try to create a new content item (blog post, event, headline, page, etc.), the system will alert you that the URL is already in use, and you won't be able to continue unless the URL is changed.

Editing the URL for Blog Posts, Events & Chapter Headlines

1. Expand the "More options" section:

2. Now, you will see the URL. Click the "Change" button:

You will now be able to edit the field.  The URL needs to change in some way, and it doesn't matter how you change it.

You can add a number or remove part of the existing URL.


3.  Next, if everything else in the event/blog post/headline is ready to go, scroll down and click Publish as normal, and the event/blog post/headline will be published.

Editing the URL for a Page

1. Click the "Change"  button:

2. You will now be able to edit the URL.

3. To commit this change, click anywhere outside the field.

Now you will be able to Publish the page.

Remember that you will now have two items with the same title on your website, but they will both be active because the URLs are unique.

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