Bulk Edit Images

Bulk Edit Images

You can edit the properties of many images at the same time. To do this, perform the following:


·         On the Images page, click the image library you’d like to work with.


By default, you’ll see the images displayed as thumbnails. You can work with multiple images this way, but it’s easier to do so in the list view.


To switch to list view, in the small menu in the upper right, click on the button with the three horizontal lines.



You’ll now see the images in a list with all the information about them clearly laid out.


For selecting large amounts of images, it may be easier to select all, and then deselect the ones you want to exclude from editing. 


To Select all in list view, click the check box in the heading of the list.



You can do this in thumbnail mode by clicking Select: All or None in the top right menu.


·         Select the images you want to edit, and click More actions » Bulk edit image properties.



The Bulk edit page appears displaying all the selected images.



·         You can apply the following to all selected images:


·         Common image library
Click Change library and select the library from the dropdown box that appears.
All images are moved to that library.


·         Common categories
Click Click to add common categories link.


·         Common tags


For each of the selected images, you can change the following:

·         Title


·         Alternative text
The text that you enter in Alternative text is used for accessibility reasons and by search engines.


·         Description
The description you enter in the input field appears as a tooltip for the image in browsers that support ToolTips feature.


When finished, click Save changes.
The system returns you to 
Images page.


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