Chapter Advertising Overview

Chapter Advertising Overview

Chapter ads are displayed across the website by default in two “zones” – in the right sidebar of every page as a Sidekick ad, and at the bottom of every page as an Inline ad.   These zones are built into the website template, so you do not have to insert them on each page manually. The ad zones are at the template level and cannot be edited or deleted.  

There will be only one static ad shown per position per page view.  The ads do not stack or rotate like a slideshow or carousel.

The dimensions of the ads are 300x250px for the sidekick ad, and 728x90px for the inline banner ad.


Inline Banner:

You can upload as many ads as you want into rotation and assign each ad to one of the two zones - Sidekick or Inline (banner).


A start date and an end date can be set for each ad to limit its time in rotation automatically.


Tracking and reports are provided via Google Analytics based on the parameters input into the ad. Both impressions and click-throughs will be tracked.

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      The Google Analytics Report  for your chapter's website is located in the Pages section at the top of the list, right above the home page. To view the report, click the "View" link.  The report will open in a new browser tab.