Chapter/Member Blog Submission Guidelines

Chapter/Member Blog Submission Guidelines

MPI is always looking for great content to share with our members and the wider meeting and event industry. We strive to provide engaging, timely content that provokes discussion and enlightens, educates and presents MPI and its members as forerunners in thought leadership. We want to hear from you. If you have interesting stories and topics that you think your fellow members and the industry at large would benefit from reading, email us at

Who is MPI’s Audience?

Our ideal audience is meeting and event professionals of all levels, including non-traditional planners, who are interested in reading the latest and most relevant news in the meetings and event industry.

Why Should I Submit Content?

Sharing your stories or topics helps spotlight your MPI local chapter. Blog post will potentially be shared on MPI’s social networks And is a great way to contribute to the thought leadership within our industry.

Content Guidelines for Submission

Rely upon these tips when submitting your blog for consideration.

  • Read through various posts currently published on MPI’s Global blog to get a feel for the topics and tone of our posts.
  • Write with your fellow meeting professionals in mind, providing practical and actionable information.
  • Tell a story covering the who, what, when, where and how. 
  • Submit content on the following topics: Destinations or venues where you’ve held events or meetings.
    (This can be locally or areas outside your chapter’s region.)

    - FYI, Tips, and Do’s & Don’ts on managing, or executing meetings and events.

    - Admired experiences with third-party vendors you’ve used in planning an event.
     (This may include audio/visual, music, entertainment, décor and technology.)

    - Previously published articles not older than one year since publication.

Content Restrictions

  • No member spotlight submissions.
  • Submissions should be free of competitive associations or organizations either by mention in text or images.
  • Submissions should be free of alcohol consumption depicted within the photos.
  • All images and content should be original and/or include usage rights or attribution details.
  • Avoid self-promotion of your business or yourself within the article. We’ll include that in your bio in the article footer.

    Technical Details
  • Content submissions must be between 350 to 800 words in length.
    (Exceptions will be made for posts that are heavily visual or have a vlog nature.)
  • Header photos must be 1200 x 630 pixels in dimension and at least 1MB in size.

    Video submission formats and guidelines:
  • Video should be well-produced and edited to clearly communicate your story.
  • Video length: 2 minutes maximum length.
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080.
  • Frame Rotation: Landscape (no portrait submissions).
  • File: MOV or MP4.
  • Max File: 200 MB.
  • Video should be shot using a stationary camera. (We suggest using a tripod when using a camera or cell phone)
  • Position your camera to shoot from the waist up.
  • Use a dedicated microphone over the standard cell phone or camera microphone for quality audio.
  • Add graphic call-outs for presentations with several message points to help with clarity.
  • Use a solid background or room environment to video your presentation.
  • Keep your presentations clear of objects, persons, or décor that would distract your audience.

If You’re Selected for Publication

  • Members will be contacted for articles selected for publication.
  • All submissions will be edited to meet the editorial and digital publishing guidelines of MPI blog.
  • Member’s article will be shared and tagged on MPI’s social media networks.

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