Content Widget Overview and Properties

Content Widget Overview and Properties

All content and functionality of the Sitefinity CMS pages are defined through widgets.

Widgets are controls which you drag and drop onto the page in content editing mode, then configure to display content.

Anything you want your page to do is done with a widget.  All the widgets detailed here are Content widgets, and since you’ll work with those more often than Grid widgets, we’ll refer to Content widgets simply as “widgets.”


Setting Widget Properties

Widgets have properties that are set per widget which change the functionality of each particular widget individually. There are no global widget settings. 


For example, if you want to display upcoming events using the Events widget, you’ll need to tell the widget a date range, which event categories to use, how many events to display on one page, and how to display them.  If you also want a past events list, you can do that with another Events widget configured differently - they won’t affect each other.


After you drag a widget onto a page, you’ll need to tell it what to display in its Edit mode. Each type of widget has its own unique controls.

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