Creating and Editing Chapter Headlines

Creating and Editing Chapter Headlines

Creating a New Headline

1.       Go to the  Chapter Headlines   page.
      In the top menu, navigate to Content > Chapter Headlines


2.       There should already be at least one or two headlines already created, but in the event that none exist, you’ll be prompted to create one. 

3.       Click the link or button to Create a Chapter Headline  

4.       In the  Title  field, enter the title of the headline.

5.       Under Description , enter a description of the headline. This will be displayed under the title.   

6.       Link Text  is the text that will be displayed on the call-to-action button under the title and description.

7.       Link URL is the page or website the button will point to.   This can be an internal page, an event or external website.

8.       Choose a Date or date range to display on the headline. This can be today’s date or the date or the date of an upcoming event.

Note: The date here does not affect the order in which the headlines are displayed. Headlines are ordered by the publish date.

All fields are required.

If the headline is ready to go public, click  Publish .

You can also save the headline as a draft, set a publish date, or drop it altogether by clicking  Back to Chapter Headlines

To set a publish/unpublish date:

·          Click the More actions  button

·          Choose Publish/Unpublish on Specific Date  

·          You’ll now see options to select a Publication date , and Date to Unpublish .
       The unpublish date is optional.


Edit a Chapter Headline

On the Chapter Headlines  page, click the title of the headline you want to edit.

This will bring up the same page as the creation of a headline. 


When you are finished, click Publish , Save as Draft or set it to be Published/Unpublished on a specific date using the More actions menu.

Publish/Unpublish Chapter Headlines

To Publish or Unpublish headlines, on the Chapter Headlines   page, select the headline or headlines you want to work with by clicking the checkbox next to the headline title.


Next, click the More actions button and choose Publish or Unpublish.



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