Documents list

Documents list

The Documents list widget can display a list of files from a document library.

You must have files already uploaded to a previously created library in order to use this widget.


You can display documents as a list or in a table format:


When you drag the Documents list widget into a page, it will display all documents from all libraries by default.

To change this, click the Edit button  in the upper-right corner of the widget.


The configuration window appears where you can configure the following:



You’ll be shown a menu for Which documents to display? with the following options:


·         From All Libraries
All documents and files that are uploaded and published will be displayed in the list.


·         From selected libraries only…

The Document list will display documents and files only from a certain library.


o   To select a library, click “Select.”
You will now be able to select a library.

Select the library you want to display, and click Done selecting.


·         From currently opened library
This option will not be used.


You can also click “Narrow selection by…” to filter the displayed documents or files, using categories, tags, and dates.
Select one or more of the following:


o   by Categories…
Click the 
“Select” button to select the categories from which you want to display documents and files and click “Done.”


o   by Tags…
“Select” to select the tags, so that documents and files tagged with those particular tags will be displayed and click “Done.”


o   by Dates…
Click “
Select.” Select one of the predefined time intervals, so that documents and files uploaded during that interval will be displayed or choose “Custom range… and use the “From” and “To input fields to select a time interval. When finished click “Done.”



List settings

On this tab you can choose how to display the events you have selected.


By default, the events will be paginated within the widget’s content area, and up to 20 event cards will be displayed per page. You can limit this by selecting one of the following options:


·         Use paging

The system can divide the document list into pages to save space.

In the input field you can specify how many documents per page you want to display.


·         Use limit

The system displays only a limited number of the documents you have chosen to display.

In the input field, you can specify how many documents you want to display.


·         No limit and paging

This option should not be used as it can result in an extremely long page and slow load times.


In the “Sort documents” dropdown menu, you can select a sorting method for the documents. By default, the most recently published is displayed first.


The “List template” dropdown menu is where you can select the list or table format.


Single item settings

You won’t need to change anything here. The documents will either open within the browser in a new tab, or prompt the user to download it when clicked.

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