Editing Image Properties

Editing Image Properties

After you have uploaded an image, you can configure various properties of the image including resizing and cropping.


You can get to the image properties anywhere images are used via the Edit all properties button you’ll see after choosing or uploading an image in different areas around the site.




These instructions will guide you on how to edit the images using the Images page, but no matter how you get there, the procedures are the same once you are on the Edit image properties menu.


To open the Images page, on the main menu of the Dashboard, click Content » Images.


Once on the Images page, open an image library, then click on the image you want to edit.


You’ll now be able to edit the following:


·         Change the title of the image, by entering the new title in Title input field.

·         Preview the image.

In the Preview pane, by clicking the gear icon  in the top right corner of the image, you’ll have the following options:


·         Open the file

View the image in its original size


·         View All sizes

View a list of all the sizes at which the image appears on your site.


·         Crop/Resize/Rotate…
This option will open the image editor.


Use these buttons to crop, resize or rotate the image left/right 90 degrees. The last button will undo any changes you’ve made.

If the image is very large, use the zoom buttons to zoom out so you can see the entire image in the editor.




You can use the crop menu to select a pre-defined aspect ratio, or enter in your own dimensions, then move the crop area where you’d like it.





            To do a free-form crop, deselect the Constrain Proportions option (looks like a small chain link)



            You’ll now be able to freely move the crop area to any dimensions you want.

After you click Crop, the image will be cropped. Close the crop menu by clicking Cancel or closing the window.

             To commit the change, Publish the image.



There is not a free-form resize option, so the easiest way to size an image is to use a preset size or a percentage.


            After you click Resize, the image will be resized. Close the resize menu by clicking Cancel or closing the window.


When finished editing the image you can save the changes by clicking Save or save the edited image as a new image by clicking Save as and entering a new name.


·         Replace the file
This will allow you to replace the image.

It will only change the image file. Everything else about it, including where it is used, will remain the same. 

This is handy if you have a graphic that contains a date or other info, and you simply need to change the information, but the image is otherwise the same.  You would only have to replace the image this way instead of having to change it everywhere the image is currently being used.


After clicking Replace the file, you’ll see the old image disappear, then click Select image from your computer.

Browse your computer to find the image you want to upload and click Open.


·         Change the library which the image belongs to

Click the Change button and select the new library from the menu that appears.


·         Alternative text

Under Alternative text, enter the text in the input field.
The text that you enter in 
Alternative text is used for accessibility reasons and by search engines.

·         Categories and tags

Click Categories and tags to change the categories and the tags which the image is assigned to.

·         To add details to the image, click Details.

The following input fields appear:


·         Author
Enter an author of the image.


  • Description
    The description you enter in that input field appears as a tooltip for the image in browsers that support ToolTips feature. When the image is opened, the description appears under the image


When you are finished, click Publish to save what you’ve done, Save as Draft to save and come back later, or Back to [Library] to discard changes and go back to the library.


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