Managing Form Responses

Managing Form Responses

When you create and publish a form on the website, the users can fill it out and submit their answers. The responses you get to a form are visible in the backend and you can see them via the Forms page.


To work with the responses collected from a form, click the [number] responses link



Once you’re in the Responses area, you’ll see a list of all responses.


To quickly view the content of the responses without exporting, click on one you’d like to view, and a window will pop up on the right side of the page displaying all the responses from the text fields, checkboxes, etc.



·         To export a selection of form responses, selecting the checkboxes next to the form responses you want to export, or click the checkbox in the heading next to “Response” to select all, and then clicking the Export to Excel  button.



·         To delete one or more submitted responses, select the responses in the grid and click the Delete button in the toolbar of the page. You will be prompted to confirm the delete.


·         You can search for responses using the Search button in the toolbar of the page.

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