MPI Button

MPI Button

With the MPI Button widget, you can create simple buttons to call attention to important links like a form or download.

You can link to an internal page, or use an external URL.



You can choose from a blue button with white text, or a white button with blue text.


After dragging the widget onto the page, click the Edit button  in the upper-right corner of the widget.


You can now configure the following areas:


Button Text

This is the text that will be displayed on the button.


Page Link

Under “Select Page,” click the “Select” button to choose an internal page for the button to link to.

Click on the page to select it, then click “Done selecting.”


External Link URL

Use this text box to enter a URL of an external page.



Document Link

Under “Select Document,” click the “Change Document” button to choose a document from the document libraries, or upload a new one.


If you’re using an existing document, click on the document to select it, then click “Done selecting.” The document will be selected and linked to the button


If you upload a document, select it from your computer, tell the system where you would like it to be saved, and then click “Upload.”  The document will be uploaded and linked to the button.

Button Properties


·         Button Color

Choose from Blue Box with White Text or White Box with Blue Text.


·         Button Alignment

This is how the button will be aligned within the column where you place the widget.

Choose from Left, Center or Right.

If nothing is selected, it will default to Left alignment.

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