Newly Created Page is Totally Blank – No Header or Ad Elements

Newly Created Page is Totally Blank – No Header or Ad Elements

If you create a new page, and you do not see your chapter header/hero image, ads or any other page structure, that means the chapter template was not selected.

This can cause a variety of unwanted/unexpected page behavior and display issues, so always be sure to select the chapter template when creating a new page.


To fix this, if you area still in the editor, click “Back to Pages,” then click on the “Actions”  menu for that page.

Under the CHANGE heading, click “Template.”


You will now see a window pop up where you can select a template.

Select the template used by the highest number of pages – that is your chapter template for all pages.

The name of the template will be partially cut off in the selection window, but it will start with "ChapterTemplate," and then the first few letters of your chapter's name.

Click on the template to select it:


The template will be highlighted in blue and have a green check mark icon when it’s selected.

 Click “Done.”  Your template is now changed.


If the page is published and you already have content on the page, you will get a message that says “You are about to change the template of a published page. A new draft will be created for this page and the selected template will be applied to this draft.

This is OK, just click “Continue.”    

After the template is applied, the page will be in draft, and you will have to rearrange some widgets.

Any widgets that were on the page before the template was applied will most likely be at the very top of the page editor and dimmed or greyed-out.

Although they are greyed-out, you can still drag these widgets down into the main content area, continue to edit and publish the page normally.

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