Uploading Images

Uploading Images

You can upload images in a variety of ways, and you’ll probably most commonly upload images where you need them, i.e., within a content area or while creating an event, but you may also need to upload several images at a time.


These instructions will guide you on how to upload one or more images at once using the Images page.


To open the Images page, on the main menu of the Dashboard, click Content » Images.


·         Click Upload images.
Upload images menu opens.


·         Either drag the files you want to upload to the page, or click Select image from your computer to locate the files, and then click Open.

You can select more than one image.

After you choose your file(s), the name of the image file and its size are displayed.


·         Click the library into which you want to upload images.


·         To upload more images, click Add more images.


·         If you need to remove an image from the list before uploading, click the “x” to the right of the file name.


·         Under Where to store the uploaded images?, select the library where you want to store the images by clicking Change.
Choose a library from the list, then click 

If you have not created any libraries, you can only choose Default Library.

To create a new library within this menu:

·         Click Create a new library.


·         Enter the name of the library under Library name


·         Choose where you’d like to put the library.


o   No parent

The library will not be located within another library


o   Selected parent library…

With this option, you can place the new library under or “inside” an existing library for organizational purposes.


·         Click Create this library

You can edit the properties and add a description later if you wish.


·         Click Upload and Publish.

You could also choose Upload and Save as Draft, or Go back (and drop this set of uploads.)


·         When the upload is finished, choose between the following:


·         View all images - Returns to the Images page.


·         Upload more images - To perform a new set of uploads.

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